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Software for TM Clubs

"Mobile Demo" 1:10 mins
"Full Membership Intro" 2:26 mins, "Full Membership Demo" 2:39 mins, "FreeRSVP Intro" 3:39 mins, "FreeRSVP Demo" 2:51 mins

Easy to use

* Anytime, Anywhere you have internet
* RSVP, Confirm or Claim in 12 seconds
* Japanese & English, PC & mobile

Achieve your goals

* Track speaking & leadership progress
* Request roles
* Track club progress

Effective organizer

* Create an agenda in 1 minute
* Assign roles by VPE or TME
* Members RSVP, Confirm & Claim

Why do I need FranklySpeeching?

Because FranklySpeeching helps you reduce the administrative burden of your club which leaves more time to speak, learn & enjoy your club.

How does it work?

How FranklySpeeching Works

1. The VP Education creates a meeting invitation => (1 minute)
2. Members respond to the invitation & request roles => Online RSVP (12 seconds)
3. TM of the Evening assigns members to roles based on RSVP, role history & requested roles => (5 minutes)
4. Members confirm whether they accept the role(s) assigned to them => (12 seconds)*
5. Members can claim roles that become available due to cancelations => (12 seconds)*
6. TM of the Evening prints the agenda from Frankly Speeching => (1 minute)
7. After the meeting, the TM of the Evening updates the agenda for actual role takers => (2 minutes)
8. VP Education closes the invitation. This will automatically add the roles you have taken during this meeting to your progress report => (12 seconds)
*)This can be deactivated by the VP Education

What features does FranklySpeeching have?

FranklySpeeching is an easy to use website which is optimized for computer and smartphone. You only need to login once. It is available in Japanese and English. Click here for a impression of FranklySpeeching on your smartphone. (1:10)

Members use simple forms to RSVP (will you come?), confirm (do you accept your role?) & claim (take over a role that came available after a cancellation). They can access a contact list and view their own communication & leadership progress.

The TM of the Evening can assign members to roles in the agenda. He will base the assignments on: RSVP responses, role requests & roles taken by members in the past 3 months. All this information is available in the same screen. The agenda can be printed or exported to excel.

The VP Education can create invitations. This will only take a minute if he uses his own template. He tracks the progress of all members. This will help him to achieve DCP goals.

Why did you make FranklySpeeching?

I started making the FranklySpeeching software after serving one year as VP Education. My goal was to attract new members by improving the quality of our meetings.

Unfortunately I did not achieve this goal because I spent all my time chasing members via email & telephone and trying to keep track of our progress using spreadsheets and paper. This was not only frustrating to me, but also to our members because they received too many emails and too little support to achieve their speaking and leadership goals.

FranklySpeeching helps you reduce the administrative burden of your club which leaves more time to speak, learn & enjoy your club.

What about other solutions?

I believe that there are 3 viable options to run organize your club: 1) Custom solutions; 2) EasySpeak 3) FreeToastHost.

Custom solutions

I created my own 'solution' in Excel, Google Docs, Word and paper. Did it work well? No. Did it work efficient? Not really. Could I transfer my system to the new VP Education after my term was up? No. Actually, no one really cared for the spaghetti that I had created during my term as VP Education. So, custom solutions did not work for me.

Perhaps your custom solution is efficient, scalable, transferable and loved by your members. If it is, FranklySpeeching is probably not for you. If it isn't, why not evaluate Frankly Speeching?


FreeToastHost is used by more than 10.000 TM Clubs worldwide. It is endorsed by TM International. I would definitely advise you to check it out if you are looking for free website to promote your club. It has an agenda function, but it lacked many features I wanted for our club, like communication- & leadership tracking, Japanese language support and availability on mobile phone. You can use FreeToastHost for promotion and FranklySpeeching for club management.


EasySpeak is widely used, especially in the US, has tons of features and is free. I think it is good, but for us it had too many features and was too complex, especially since it is not available in Japanese.

How much?

FranklySpeeching has an annual membership fee of JPY10.000, per club. Japanese ToastMasters Clubs get a 50% discount => JPY 5.000 per year, per club. Membership fee includes unlimited members, maintenance of the software, daily database backups, hosting & support. NO spam & NO advertisements of course.

I am not sure..

Don't worry! Just give it a try. If you are in Tokyo or Yokohama, I will gladly visit your club to discuss FranklySpeeching with your officers. Alternatively I can give an online demonstration when it suits you.

If you decide to proceed, I will help you to get started. No rush. Just take your time to evaluate the software. You will get 3 months to evaluate the software & will only pay if you descide to become a FranklySpeeching member club.

I am still not sure..

Perhaps FranklySpeeching is "too big" for our club? Perhaps our members are not ready for the Internet? If you are not sure, a FreeRSVP account may be a good solution for your club.

FreeRSVP shows invitations & asks 1 simple question: "will you come?" It is very useful because it eliminates most of the email & telephone traffic AND it is a good test case to see whether your members prepared & ready to use the Internet.

Click here for a impression of FranklySpeeching FreeRSVP. (2:38) As the name suggests, FreeRSVP is FREE to all TM Clubs who would like to use it :).


"Soon after the introduction of Frankly Speeching, it became an essential website to manage our meetings. It has been core in providing a positive and supportive learning environment since it was introduced. Now Frankly Speeching is indispensable. Pioneer TMC members cannot image our TM activities without it."

Setsuko Takahashi, President

"A life-saver and friendship-maker among all members of our Club. RSVP to meeting announcements and state your hopes & intentions, all within 60-seconds or less. Check it out. You'll be grateful to have it at your side."

John Schwerin, Past President